Keep It Simple

Simplifying things is an invaluable skill. By making things as simple as possible we can focus more on the most important goals and not get caught up in less relavent details.

Coding websites is complicated. Having explored making websites from several different perspectives, I am still simplifying and exploring different frameworks. Django, php, html, css, javascript, and CMSs are all great tools, but what is the best tool for the current project? This is an ongoing challenge.

This site began as an excercise in HTML/CSS but I quickly added PHP because of the abuility to easily include other html documents. A few weeks later I incorporated PHP variables to reduce redundant typing. The goal with this site is to be simple, fast and reliable.

Example php code demonstrating use of variables to simplify title and h1 tags:

<?php $titlevariable "Keep It Simple"?>

<title><?php echo $titlevariable?></title>
<h1><?php echo $titlevariable?></h1>

The above code defines the variable titlevariable and assigns it the string "Keep It Simple". The following lines echo the variable in the title tag and the H1. This allows you to type the title once and saves time.