Can You Dig Git?

Having followed a few git tutorials and actually used it on one of my sites I can say it takes a few tries to git the hang of git. In this series we are going to break down git into bite size pieces. In later articles I will give an example of using git on a regular linux server as opposed to github or gitlabs. Can you dig git?!

This is a work in progress with the goal of breaking git down into modules to make it easy to understand and help prevent users from some of the pitfalls that I have run into. So far the road map is three parts, but may need some more added. 1. Status, Stage, Commit which is maintaining the local active branch. 2. Branch and merge which will be how to use branching and merging an essential feature especially for multiple users. 3. pushing and pulling from servers. 4. Not sure yet!

Git: Status, Stage, Commit The first part of this git series is now available. Learn the primary git work flow in a one page article.