Cloud Surfing, Blog Posting and Content Creation

It's the Highnoon Showdown June 13, 2023 late spring edition. Todays post includes original art, web site updates, and some musings on what is relevant web content.

Todays High Noon art is an original photo I took this afternoon going for a walk. I looked up and there were these amazing clouds in the sky. I took several photos. The one I chose for the post seemed the most dramatic with a tiny plane suspended in monstrous clouds.

On the website Front:
Added some updates and some polish to the coin tiles app including lime green borders for +=5% price increases and red borders for -=5% price decreases. Also limited the scope of coins to 500 instead of 2000. This is working towards 500 per page, but is just the top 500 for now as 2000 is resource intensive and makes the fans start blowing on the CPU :) .'

Musings on Journals, Articles, Stories and Posts

Today I am exploring the different types of web content: Stories, Articles, journals, posts, and notes. Stories and Articles require a certain amount of thought, formatting, clear goals and completion. Journals and posts can just be musings, A summary of the days events, A breif description of something you did today etc. Notes can be a simple list of things like a list of website article links you read regarding a certain subject and a brief description.

The goal is to get the creative motion going and keep it going. If it is website content we are creating then maybe have all of the above or just the ones that best suite you. By defining these different approaches we can have a clearer way forward without unneccesary expectations which can become obstacles to our productivity.

Cheers and happy posting, blogging, journaling, story telling or whatever format you choose,